Buy 2 Get 1 Free (Steak + Seafood + You Choice of Free Chicken or Pork!)

Gourmet Gary's

When you buy...

1 All Natural USDA Choice Steak Case $379.50

  • All Natural USDA Choice T-Bones (3/16oz)
  • All Natural USDA Choice Ribeyes  (3/16oz)
  • All Natural USDA Choice New York Strips (4/12oz)
  • All Natural USDA Choice Tri-Tips (6/8oz)
  • All Natural USDA Choice Ground Beef(5/16oz)
  • All Natural USDA Choice Top Sirloin (6/8oz)


1 Seafood 6 Pack Case $319.50

  • Salmon Fillets (6 x 5 Oz = 2.0 Lbs Total)
  • Cod (6 x 5 Oz = 2.0 Lbs Total)
  • Snow crab legs or Lobster = 2 Lbs Total
  • Bay Scallops = 2.0 Lbs Total
  • Shrimp = 2 Lbs Total
  • Butterfly Breaded Shrimp = 2.0 Lbs Total

You Get Your Choice of Either a FREE PORK or CHICKEN case, a $189.50 VALUE may now select a FREE 4lb Bone-in Tomahawk Ribeye (shown in the pics down's a showstopper.)

Pork Package includes

  • Porterhouse Pork Chops (4 x 16oz = 4 lbs total)
  • Pork Baby Back Ribs (Cooked) (2x 24oz = 3lbs total)
  • Pork Tenderloins - Boneless (3x 16oz = 3lbs total)
  • Stuffed Pork Chops - Bone-In (6x 8oz = 3lbs total)
  • Pork Italian Sausage Links (1x 3lb = 3lb total)
  • Thick Cut Bacon (3x 16oz =3lbs)


Chicken Package includes

  • All Natural Plain Chicken Breast (8x 5oz= 2.5lbsTotal)
  • All Natural Southwest BBQ Chicken Breast (8x 5oz = 2.5lbs Total)
  • All Natural Lemmon Pepper Chicken Breast (8x5oz = 2.5lbs Total)
  • All Natural Garlic/Herb Chicken Breast (8x5oz = 2.5lbs Total)
  • All Natural Itialian Brushetta Chicken Breast (8x5oz = 2.5lbs Total)
  • All Natural Raw Chicken Tenders (2.5lbs Total)


Tomahawk Bone-in Ribeye (36oz cut!)


**Each Cut May Vary By Weight


Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Chris Harford
Protein for a recording session

Feeding 15 people a day, the steaks, fish, chicken were Supreme!!

Carrie Bohlmann
I love it!

I love ordering my meats from Gourmet Gary’s! The meat tastes like no other meat I’ve purchased at a grocery store. Especially the chicken, which I don’t usually like chicken as it’s always so dry. Gary’s chicken is juicy and amazing so I actually enjoy eating it. And Gary is a good and fun guy and I love it when he personally delivers my food. We’ve become friends. I definitely think you should order from here. Healthy, non hormonal or antibiotic yumminess.

Chad Hanson

Buy 2 Get 1 Free (Steak + Seafood + You Choice of Free Chicken or Pork!)

hurshel hall

The food is awesome and the stakes you can cut with a butter knife

Angie Morris
Awesome meat, great service!

Holy cow - so much meat and seafood! Gary delivered it himself (we live in Denver), and it is packaged so nicely! Everything we’ve had so far is amazingly delicious. Thank you!

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